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A Passion to Build

Peter Murray

  • Format: Book

  • Pages: 272

  • Publisher: Clip-Kit

  • Date Published: Nov 2011

  • Stock Code: 76952

  • ISBN: 9780957070202

  • Binding: Paperback


A Passion to Build follows the meteoric careers and tangled love lives of two leading architects and their iconic designs for a major international athletics event – the EuroGames, which is to take place in the fading northern city of Frampton-on-Tees. Frampton’s energetic and scheming Mayor believes the investment and legacy of the Games will restore some vitality to the once-booming economy of the area.

The design teams struggle to create great buildings and have to fend off critics like the conservationist Duke of Frampton who would prefer to see the stadia designed in the traditional style. The lives of the architects unravel as they compete to design the best building and to win the much-vaunted Frazer Prize. Their struggle reaches a dramatic climax at the spectacular opening ceremony of the EuroGames watched by millions around the world.