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GC/Works/1 - Edition 3: The Government General Conditions of Contract for Building and Civil Engineering

  • Format: Book

  • Pages: 216

  • Publisher: BSP Professional Books

  • Date Published: May 1990

  • Stock Code: 6574

  • ISBN: 9780632026333

  • Binding: Hardback


The new Edition 3 of GC/Works/1, the Government conditions of contract for building and engineering works, came into use on 1st April 1990. Bearing little resemblance to the previous edition first published in 1977, Edition 3 has introduced a number of important new features. In addtion to being widely used for Government work, the new contract is likely to be adopted by local authorities and by those private employers favoring the firm control offered by the new conditions. Written by one of the country's leading experts on the contract, this book provides a clause by clause commentary and legal background for all those who need to understand the new form.Contents include: Background to the form; Formation of the contract; Contract documentation, information and staff; General obligations; Security; Materials and workmanship; Commencement, programme delays and completion; Instructions and payment; Particular powers and remedies; Assignment, subletting, subcontracting, suppliers and other.