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Headspace: The Psychology of City Living Bookmark and Share

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Headspace: The Psychology of City Living

Paul Keedwell

  • Format: Book

  • Pages: 304

  • Publisher: Aurum Press Ltd

  • Date Published: Mar 2017

  • Stock Code: 89833

  • ISBN: 9781781316115

  • Binding: Hardback


More and more of us are choosing to live in the man-made environment of the city. The mismatch between this artificial world and our nature-starved souls can contribute to the stresses of city living in a way that is barely noticed – but is crucially important. 

What does the science of architectural psychology tell us about how the world of brick and concrete affects how we think, feel and behave? In an increasingly crowded urban world, how does good urban architecture inspire, restore and bring us together. Conversely, how does bad architecture cause anxiety, alienation and depression? 

Dr Paul Keedwell uncovers the secret psychology of the city, and how it affects our daily happiness. Starting with the home and reaching out to the street, neighbourhood and wider city landscape, Headspace teaches us how to see our cities differently, and how we can best adapt to our rapidly changing urban world.