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Guidance for Safe Investigation of Potentially Contaminated Land: Site Investigation in Construction Series : 2nd Revised edition

  • Format: Book

  • Pages: 64

  • Publisher: ICE Publishing

  • Date Published: Sep 2015

  • Stock Code: 80351

  • ISBN: 9780727735072

  • Binding: Paperback

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Contaminated land contains particular hazards that require the employment of specialist geoenvironmental services with appropriately trained and experienced office and site personnel, suitable plant and equipment, and high levels of supervision and response. An addition to the Site Investigation in Construction series, this book promotes the use of safe working practices and improves awareness of health & safety. This new edition is up-to-date with the many advances and regulatory changes affecting ground investigation, particularly in respect of contaminated ground, dealing with waste materials and different investigatory techniques, since the publication of the first edition. Guidance for Safe Investigation of Potentially Contaminated Land provides guidance for Employers and their agents, Contractors, Engineers, site operatives and other staff.

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