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JCT Complete Boxset Volumes 1-6 Bundle


  • Format: Book

  • Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell

  • Date Published: Jun 2017

  • Stock Code: 91054

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The JCT Contracts Complete Edition 2016 (Volumes 1-6) Box Set contains the following documents:

  • Standard Building Contract family
  • Intermediate Building Contract family
  • Minor Works Building Contract family
  • Design and Build Contract family
  • Generic Contracts (ShortSub, SubSub)
  • Collateral Warranties (CWa/F, CWa/P&T, SCWa/F, SCWa/P&T, SCWa/E)
  • JCT Homeowner Contracts
  • Constructing Excellence Contract family
  • Construction Management family
  • Adjudication Agreement family
  • Framework Agreement family
  • Major Project Construction Contract family
  • Collateral Warranties (CMWa/F, CMWa/P&T, TCWa/F, TCWa/P&T, MCWa/F, MCWa/P&T, WCWa/F, WCWa/P&T)
  • Measured Term Contract family
  • Prime Cost Building Contract family
  • Management Building Contract family
  • Pre-Construction Services Agreement family
  • Repair and Maintenance Contract family

The JCT Contracts Complete 2016 Edition Box set is an ideal purchase for reference libraries, universities, colleges and all those looking for the convenience of having the entire JCT suite readily available.

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