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Altrim Publishers was founded in Barcelona and incorporates the journey as the motor of an architectural and cultural experience. It's specialization, architectural travel guides, is possible thanks to the close collaboration with local architects and urbanists from around the globe. 

DAC Dhaka Book by  book cover | Buy DAC Dhaka from the RIBA Bookshops bookstore

DAC Dhaka

This guidebook focuses on 20 buildings in Dhaka, representing different architectural phases since the Mughal era, beginning in the early 17th...


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AMD Ahmedabad Book by  book cover | Buy AMD Ahmedabad from the RIBA Bookshops bookstore

AMD Ahmedabad

The architecture of Ahmedabad ranges from the ancient to the very modern, from the Mughals to the last works of the contemporary Indian architects...


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CHD Chandigarh Book by  book cover | Buy CHD Chandigarh from the RIBA Bookshops bookstoreExtract is available for this book

CHD Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a unique city, besides being one of the newest city of the twentieth century that is characterized by the seal of Le Corbusier, who...


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