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Introducing the RIBA Building Contracts for residential and simple commercial projects

The RIBA Building Contracts have been produced to give you confidence in your contractual agreements and to provide clear, concise information that architects, clients and contractors can trust.

If you are using other small works contacts, particularly for domestic projects, check that they are suitable for your project - the briefing document below contains comparisons to other contracts available.


Information about the RIBA Building Contracts

The following two documents contain details about the background to the RIBA Building Contracts and comparisons with other small works contracts currently available and frequently asked questions.

Briefing document: Understanding the RIBA Building Contracts

RIBA Building Contracts: Frequently Asked Questions


Two contracts are available:

RIBA Domestic Building Contract

RIBA Domestic Building Contract: a simple and clearly laid out contract between a customer (client) and a contractor. It is suitable for all types of non-commercial work, such as work done to the customer’s own home including renovations, extensions, maintenance and new buildings. The contract is endorsed by the HomeOwners Alliance.

The RIBA Domestic Building Contract has provisions for naming a subcontractor and is ideal for domestic projects from extensions to new builds.

RIBA Concise Building Contract

RIBA Concise Building Contract: a simple yet fully comprehensive contract between an employer (the person or organisation that wants the construction project) and a contractor. It is suitable for all types of simple commercial building work. It is not suitable for non-commercial and domestic projects.

Contract Administration Forms for the RIBA Building Contracts

A suite of 12 Contract Administration Forms has been developed to offer a simple and consistent way to administer the RIBA Building Contracts.  The Contract Administration Forms can be completed electronically or by hand and are available to download free of charge from


Buy printed contracts from RIBA Bookshops

Buy printed contracts from RIBA Bookshops using the links above.


Create a digital contract online with NBS

Alternatively you can prepare your contract online with NBS allowing you to create, alter, manage and view all of your contracts in one secure location before printing the final contract.