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Re-Readings: Interior architecture and the design principles of remodelling existing buildings

Now in paperback, Re-Readings is a detailed and fully illustrated analysis of the design strategies available to architects and interior designers...



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Top Sellers in Conservation and Restoration

Alvar Aalto Houses Book by  book cover | Buy Alvar Aalto Houses from the RIBA Bookshops bookstore

Alvar Aalto Houses

During the course of a career spanning over 50 years, Alvar Aalto designed nearly 100 single-family houses. Many of them are architectural gems...


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Le Corbusier and Britain Book by  book cover | Buy Le Corbusier and Britain from the RIBA Bookshops bookstore

Le Corbusier and Britain: An Anthology

Le Corbusier and Britain traces the growing awareness of work by this visionary figure in contemporary architecture journals and the popular press...


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Latest Titles in Conservation and Restoration

Managing Built Heritage Book by  book cover | Buy Managing Built Heritage from the RIBA Bookshops bookstore

Managing Built Heritage: The Role of Cultural Values and Significance

This new edition examines management of built heritage through the use of values-led decision making, based on an understanding of the significance...


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Rehabilitation: Dealing with History Book by  book cover | Buy Rehabilitation: Dealing with History from the RIBA Bookshops bookstore

Rehabilitation: Dealing with History

In architectural terms, rehabilitation is all about breathing new life into an old building using modern materials and designs that both compliment...


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