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From the origins of Europe's architecture, to the stampeding modern developments in the Middle East and South East Asia, this section covers an extensive range of books on world architecture and design.

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Top Sellers in World Architecture

Mediterranean Housing: Lebanon Book by  book cover | Buy Mediterranean Housing: Lebanon from the RIBA Bookshops bookstoreExtract is available for this book

Mediterranean Housing: Lebanon

Residential architecture as a discipline is heavily influenced by culture: both of the architect and of the country where it is located. This...


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Architectural Guide Venice Book by  book cover | Buy Architectural Guide Venice from the RIBA Bookshops bookstore

Architectural Guide Venice

Venice is undoubtedly one of the most written upon cities and certainly the most photographed one. And yet another guide on Venice? Five walking...


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Latest Titles in World Architecture

New China Architecture  Book by  book cover | Buy New China Architecture  from the RIBA Bookshops bookstore

New China Architecture

The spectacular transformation of China in recent decades is symbolised by its architecture. China s booming cities are evolving at a speed that is...


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Astana: Architectural Guide Book by  book cover | Buy Astana: Architectural Guide from the RIBA Bookshops bookstore

Astana: Architectural Guide

Amid the endless plains of Kazakhstan, an extraordinary architectural experiment has arisen: Astana. Formerly an outpost of the Tsarist Empire in...


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