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This section is the home of materials books on We have divided the section into sub-categories to make it easy for you to find books written on specific building materials. The 'Assorted' sub-category holds books which cover more than one material.

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Top Sellers in Building Materials

Architectural Insitu Concrete Book by  book cover | Buy Architectural Insitu Concrete from the RIBA Bookshops bookstore

Architectural Insitu Concrete

The use of concrete as an architectural and structural material has gone through many changes and evolutions over the years, but probably never...


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Failures in Concrete Structures Book by  book cover | Buy Failures in Concrete Structures from the RIBA Bookshops bookstore

Failures in Concrete Structures

Some lessons are only learned from mistakes but, it’s much cheaper to learn from someone else’s mistakes than to have to do so from...


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Latest Titles in Building Materials

Wood: Architecture Today: 2018  Book by  book cover | Buy Wood: Architecture Today: 2018  from the RIBA Bookshops bookstore

Wood: Architecture Today: 2018

Wood is one of the best materials for construction on account of its versatility. Among its other outstanding features are its great capacity as a...


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Solar Shading of Buildings  Book by  book cover | Buy Solar Shading of Buildings  from the RIBA Bookshops bookstore

Solar Shading of Buildings

This report describes commonly used shading devices and some new developments. It gives the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of shading...


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